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How to Grout Butt Joint Honed Travertine Tiles

Two Laticrete grout colors were used to mix the color that matched the Travertine tiles.

The grout was mixed 75% #03 silt and 25% #81 Butter Cream and tested in a small areas and allowed to dry. Actually we made several tests using a slightly different ratio. One good thing about unsanded grout is that a utility knife blade can remove the grout the next day. So it's not possible to make an "unfixable" mistake.

The grout was mixed with Laticrete 1776 grout additive for strength and denseness and applied with a grout float and allowed to dry overnight.

After the grout is dry you use a white scotch brite pad with water and rub diagionally accross the joints. The grout comes right off the tile and the result is a perfectly flush grout joint with no dip between tiles. Allow to cure for 3 days and seal with a penetrating sealer.

Blended grout and butt joint tile installation makes for a one-piece flooring look. Threshold was made using two pieces and slightly rounding the edge.

Tiles are installed with respect to Mother Nature with pattern and flow going in the same direction.

Perfectly blended grout makes for a one piece look even with tiles cut to 2 1/2 x 5" subway tile. The pattern still works because I cut the tiles in order so the pattern could be transferred to the wall.

There doesn't have to be much scrap tile or waste in your jobs because extra tile pieces can be used for the shower floor, mop sink and kitchen backsplash, anywhere. Tiles cut to 4 1/4 x 4 1/4 and 2 x 6 cap for this mop sink.

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